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What's on now?

 -  Coming in 2022  -

We offer you an opportunity to explore your practice, a particular client case study, ethical dilemma, or enter into the unknown that is working with a  team!

This is where team coaching supervision comes in.  It allows you to take the theoretical knowledge you have, combined with your on-the-job-learning and bring it together to make sense of your practice.  We'll also offer you tips and techniques that we've tried and tested in the field.  The benefit of group supervision is that we do our work in parallel with our own group processes and can bring in what is happening ‘in the room/zoom’ to take the learning up a notch.

team coaching supervision series

Over the course of four quarterly sessions, we'll be deep diving through the team coaching process, from contracting to ending well, also allowing time for group work on the key challenges you want to bring. 


Our aim is to take your practice to the next level, to offer a safe and empathetic place to share your challenges or dilemmas and simply a place to be with fellow professionals who share your passion. The order of team coaching is that you never stop learning!

The supervision series is open to international participants.


Join us?

There will be 2 cohort intakes in 2022.  The quarterly dates for each cohort are:

Cohort 1

  • 8th February 2022

  • 24th May 2022

  • 27th September 2022

  • 29 November 2022

Cohort 2

  • 8th March 2022

  • 21st June 2022

  • 4th October 2022

  • 10th January 2023



If you would like us to run in-house sessions for your internal team coaches, we can arrange a closed session for confidentiality.


Contact us to discuss this further

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