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Welcome to The Lab

We believe teams are what really deliver organisational ROI.  More than this – we believe working in a team is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding human experiences possible – in the workplace!


From experience, we know that a rewarding team experience does not happen by magic.  Just because you call a group of people a team, or because the word team appears in the collective job title, doesn’t mean it automatically leads to an amazing team performance.


At the team lab we are curious about team dynamics, about the impact a good or bad team experience has on its team members and their wider organisational ecosystem.  We are curious about the knock-on effect for our extended team members, the wider business and on customers, clients, suppliers and stakeholders who have expectations and dependencies on us.

And our sense is that what makes a team successful can be difficult to pin down; involving a complex, messy and dynamic mix of ingredients.  What works one day may not work the next.  And yet – hopeful in the team lab as we are – we have a suspicion that there might just be a way to make the complexity more straightforward.  Hence 'the team lab' – because we want to prove it.



We want to gather data and experiences that help us build a picture of teamwork in the 21st century and how we have adapted in our post pandemic workplace.  We want to curate evidence based practices that are relevant and important – and find a way to illustrate them for you using real examples and data points.  We want to build hypotheses – and then test them.  We want to do lots of things...


To start with, we will explore who is and isn’t focusing on teamwork and what the current experience is; and work outwards from there.

Ultimately we hope to uncover and validate what makes teamwork successful for all stakeholders. It will take some time – we called ourselves the team lab(oratory) for a reason.  And so we will share our findings and thinking as they emerge, conducting action research with you as we go.

Join the conversation by contributing to our research and help build momentum for the team lab!

Find out more about the other work we do with teams and team coaches here

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