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Every team has a story

Max and Rachael met when they both embarked on the AoEC Advanced Practitioner Systemic Team Coaching Diploma.  They had to pick a study group for the duration of the programme and fortuitously chose each other. And so began a learning experience with two other students, Hanne and John, that would develop into a transformative team...

We soon became a team in every sense of the word – with shared objectives to accelerate our learning and to draw on our collective wealth of knowledge. 


We supported and challenged (maybe a bit more of this!) each other to push ourselves to the edge of our learning. 


The sunny day we spent together in Hanne’s garden in Denmark will be forever etched on our memories – drawing (Max loves coloured pens!) and sharing our stories of who we are and how we show up to do our team coaching. 

The end game was to complete our Diploma (which we all did).  But the relationships we built continue to this day; we still do quarterly retreats. 



Two members of our team, Max and John, are now faculty on the very same Diploma.

Rachael enjoyed the experience so much she completed an MA and focused her dissertation on team coaching.  Now, with "The Team Lab", Max and Rachael are moving their practice to the next level and want to share their learning with you, your teams, your organisations and our fellow coaches.

We roasted a chicken, drank some wine (Rachael loves a splash of red wine) and the rest is history…

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