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the team lab

At the Team Lab we are specialists in team coaching for systemic awareness and organisational change. We are practitioners, writers, researchers, and faculty who ‘live and breathe’ team coaching. 

what we do...

We offer impactful team coaching to drive change for executive teams, leadership teams, cross-functional programme teams and teams-of-teams for scaled organisational development.  This may be post merger or acquisition, for large scale change initiatives, or on the appointment of a new CEO. 

Teams are fluid, your leaders have multiple team memberships and divided loyalties, team members come and go. So, relying purely on ‘team building’ to improve performance is no longer sustainable.  Although team dynamics do play their part in our approach. 

Our focus is on the effective functioning of your team within its context and as an entity.

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We develop and clarify a shared purpose and pathway for your team's success, so that changes in the team can be accommodated and new members quickly integrated.


We shine a light on the team's systemic and strategic awareness, their external relationships, collective reputation, and overall impact on their people’s motivation and organisational outcomes. 


We make a difference. Our clients include Chairs, CEO’s, Executive and Divisional Directors who seek to maximise the effectiveness of their business performance through creating a teaming culture.

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They come to us to facilitate change; whereby we harness the multiplier effect of ‘shared team intelligence, trust, and learning’ for the benefit of their business and their people.


They find our coaches engaging, knowledgeable and commercially savvy; we get repeat business.  


The core of our practice involves being on-site/on-line and supporting your team during business as usual – we work with your work.


After an initial diagnostic, we co-create a roadmap with you to develop your team or teams towards your stated outcomes. This may include wraparound activities including: 1:1 coaching for you or specific team members, workshops, retreats, action inquiry, observations, board evaluations, psychometric assessments or 360 questionnaires and large group events.

But at heart of our approach is to support and challenge you during ‘business as usual’ – where you put ideas into action, make decisions and demonstrate leadership. 

Our coaching team is built around your requirements, the scale of the work and timeline.

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You may work with a single coach, or a team of two or more coaches.  We have specialists in OD, Leadership, HR, M&A, DEI and Culture.  We also partner with an Organisational Design, and HR Consulting business for larger scale change projects.


Typically we work with you over a period of 6 to 12 months. Our proposals include a gated approach and we review our work together at regular intervals.


We plan to end well. 

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