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We love teams

We are team coaches because we are curious about team dynamics; about the impact a good or bad team experience has on its team members and their wider organisational ecosystem. To do that, it feels important to coach more than a single team member, so that together we can make an impact across the organisation.


We are curious about the knock-on effect for the extended team members, the wider business and on customers, clients, suppliers, and stakeholders who have expectations and dependencies on how the team performs, not just individuals in isolation. 

And our sense is that what makes a team successful can be difficult to pin down; involving a complex, messy, and dynamic mix of ingredients.  What works one day may not work the next.  And yet – hopeful in the team lab as we are – we have a suspicion that there might just be a way to make the complexity more straightforward.  


Hence 'the team lab' – because we want to prove it.

So, this involves us working as team coaches in the field, not just researching and writing about it, but also getting in the mix.  We take on a few joint coaching assignments each year that allows us to work together and to really make a difference to our clients' working lives.  


A great starting point in getting to know us can be to do a team diagnostic.  This also allows you to get to benchmark how you are performing and working together as a team.  We can then

co-create a custom designed, fully costed, and scheduled team coaching proposal outlining how we can work together.

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